Michał Wasilewski is a Polish composer for video games, theater, films and commercials. His music is distinguished by rich harmonies and melodic tunes; ranging from complex, symphonic forms, through modern, eclectic compositions, to minimalistic ambient themes.

Michał began his professional musical activity in 1996 when he wrote music for the Ivan Vasilyevich drama by Mikhail Bulgakov staged at the Miniatura Theatre in Gdańsk. During that period of time he also cooperated with number of artists from Gdańsk such as Dariusz Bazaczek with whom he worked on a TV movie called Miasteczko and the stage play titled Szafa performed at the Musical Theater in Gdynia.

In the years 2003 – 2007 he recorded two albums (LPs) with the band Panika released by the MJM Music Polska a Polish recording company also known for publishing artists such as Myslovitz or Wilki. At that point of time, he also wrote music for the video game Olympia and worked as a music team leader for the project Afterfall where he co-created music for the first Afterfall demo.    
In 2008 he wrote over 90 minutes long soundtrack for the movie thriller Dla Ciebie i Ognia produced by the Kalina Film Studios. The motion picture was awarded numerous prizes including an award for the best independent movie of the year 2009 at the Jan Machulski Polish Independent Movies Festival. The movie was broadcasted on a regular basis both on the TV (Canal+) and in cinemas across Poland. Also, he wrote music for the first 5D cinema movie produced in Europe Misja Gdańsk.

In 2011 he wrote music for the video game Frederic: Resurrection of Music where he created modern arrangements of the Frederic Chopin classical works, i.a. the Polonaise in A-flat major op.40 nr 1 in Reggae style or the Country inspired version of the Piano Sonata No. 2 in B-flat minor, Op. 35 (Funeral March).

Michał is the author of music created for the video game Violett (2014), combining ambient music with subtle orchestral and electronic forms recalling surrealistic and grotesque spirit of the Alice in Wonderland. Music for the game Violett was well received by both gamers and critics.

Michał offers:

  • music production, composition and arrangement in any genre and style (mix and master included)
  • music for short video forms (teaser, trailer, adv. etc.) 

  • songwriting (with vocals and lyrics if needed!)
sound design